Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda: Vocals, Organ, Synthesizer, Harp, and String Arrangements

Vocal solo, Om Rama: Panduranga Henderson

Tamil language vocal solo, Journey to Satchidananda: Sai Ram Iyer

Flute on Journey to Satchidananda: Joshua Spiegelman
Chanting and percussion by The Sai Anantam Singers:Shankari Adams, Ramiya Aust, Radha Botofasina, Krishnapriya Brack, Brahmachandri Bridges, Baladev Cole, Vrindavana and Tarunkrishna Dobbins, Brahmashakti Fudial, Mirabai and Panduranga Henderson, Purushattama Hickson, Brahma and Saraswati Johnson, Ramavidya and Vishnu Jones, Deviki McBride, Girija McLeod, Lakshmi Myers, Uma Pierce, TaraMa Qualls, Shyam Reyes, Ishwari Sawyer, Paramisha and Damodhar Warren, Dhaneswar Wesley, Madhavi and Atma Ram Williams & Sathya Womack

Thank you to Ravi, Michelle and Oran who allowed us to issue this album. And to Josh Taylor who turned us on to all of these tapes in the first place, to Michael Frisch and Jonas Herbsman who husbanded this project through the straight and narrow. To Ashley Kahn who was always the voice of reason if not the reason itself. To Zach Cowie who told Frosty about this music and to Frosty who has been an invaluable spirit guide and also part of the amazing L.A. team, that includes Carlos Niño who introduced us to Surya Botofasina and then to Radha Botofasina. And peace be with and thank you to all the Sai Anatam Singers, both past and present.

Tape transfers from the master tapes overseen by the original recording engineer, the amazing Baker Bigsby.
CD Mastering By Greg Calbi
1/2 speed LP Mastering from the original tapes by Paul Stubblebine
Album Design and Layout by Paul Diddy

Cover photos kindly shared by Sri Hari Moss

Yale Evelev & Eric Welles Nystrom, Executive Production

Coltrane Recording Corporation

All Songs Turiya Alice Coltrane (Jowcol Music, BMI)